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Soul revealed

One comment at work today had  me contemplating our human condition. A lady from work was wondering if I was doing anything for Valentine’s Day because she wanted to see  who would be available in case she wanted to switch. I said I didn’t know my plans and she responded by saying,” You need to find you a serious girlfriend, it is not good to be alone” In that moment she revealed so much about her soul, and to be honest she unveiled so much of the longing in mine.  I began to think about what she had said and why it struck a chord with me. I then begin to realize  God created us and intended us to be lovers, even before sin touched our souls he created us for community, he created to love and to be loved. Adam longed for a companion before the word sin meant anything to him.

I then began to think about how much we long to be connected to someone else.  Seeing faces everyday who fill their lives with all different types of escapism.  Each type is used to escape from the loneliness, escape from relationships that should fulfill us but fall short. To hear how people have given their heart to another person in marriage and how that heart had been broken, breaks my heart.  Hearing how people cling to relationships because they fear that no one else will come along who will love them better, makes me a little more jaded to be honest. I do long for a wife and meaningful relationships but seeing how things can end up makes me want to close myself off to those things.  I don’t want to be in love one day, and then one day wonder how did we get here?

I am learning more about myself everyday and learning that is ok to desire, because God created me to desire and though people fall short in every relationship( myself included), I still need connection with people and shutting my heart from the world ( which is my natural inclination) won’t ease my longing. Allowing God to reach me and learning how to be his is the only way I can attain some of the desires I have in my soul.  So yeah that was a really deep thought from a moment but hey I believe God move in the quiet of our lives.

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